Leo on Alto


Alto by Libertas is inspired by the Italian phrase "Verso l'alto", which means "to the heights", emblematic of the heroic life of Italian mountaineer and social activist Pier Giorgio Frassati. Listen to raw and authentic conversations on Faith, Culture, Fitness and Mission-Driven Entrepreneurship that will help us pursue "the heights" together!

Leo, founder of Libertas, host of Alto, Catholic husband, dad, entrepreneur and endurance enthusiast (@catholic.running.guy) explores and unpacks various topics and themes on Life and Faith in these episodes (click to listen):

  1. EP1 -  Alto launch!!! ...Mission, Business and Running
  2. EP12 - Challenging Yourself and Recapping a 100 Mile Marathon I Didn't Finish
  3. EP19 - Virtue Challenge - Frugality (w/ Stephen J. Caruso)
  4. EP28 - 3 Heroes That Will Transform Your Life
  5. EP31 - 7 Insights on Life, Faith and Resiliency from a recent Ultramarathon
  6. EP34 - Commitment (via the Struggling Catholic podcast)
  7. EP35 - The Spoken Word, 5 Mantras for Leveling Up in 2021
  8. EP40 - Breathing Rare Air, Staying Close to the Fire and Living Present 
  9. EP42 - Michelob Ultra "Happy" Superbowl Commercial and Putting Your Heart in to the Present



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