EP36 - An Epic Adventure, Endless Discovery, and the Wilderness Within w/ Fr. Nathan Sparks SJ, The Nomadic Monk

by Leo Gallegos January 04, 2021

EP36 - An Epic Adventure, Endless Discovery, and the Wilderness Within w/ Fr. Nathan Sparks SJ, The Nomadic Monk

Alto by Libertas is inspired by the Italian phrase "Verso l'alto", which means "to the heights", emblematic of the heroic life of Italian mountaineer and social activist Pier Giorgio Frassati. Listen to raw and authentic conversations on Faith, Culture, Fitness and Mission-Driven Entrepreneurship that will help us pursue "the heights" together!


Fr. Nathan Sparks, SJ is a Catholic priest and Jesuit who currently teaches Latin and Greek at Boston College High School. He grew up in South Dakota and has a degree in philosophy from St. Mary's University in Minnesota, a degree in theology from the Gregorian University in Rome, Italy and a masters degree in Ancient Greek and Latin from Columbia University in New York City. His studies and travels have led him to the Vatican, across Europe, the United States, the Holy Land, South America, and Asia. He is an experienced outdoorsman, adventurer, philosopher, writer, and traveler, who often finds God and inspiration for the spiritual journey in the midst of his solo backpacking and mountaineerings trips. He often documents them on Instagram on his profile @the.nomadic.monk, and is currently working on a travel log and spiritual adventuring series with CatholicTV. You can also find him on Facebook at "The Nomadic Monk" and on his blog at thenomadicmonk.com.


Episode Themes:

  1. Epic Cross Country trip being made into an spiritual travel series with CatholicTV.
  2. Comprehensive and beautiful explanation of the Jesuit mantra Ad maiorem Dei gloriam (for the greater glory of God).
  3. A good adventure is an act of surrender and trust, and entails many unknowns and adversity.
  4. So much more great themes as well!

Learn more about Fr. Nathan:

Instagram: @the.nomadic.monk

Facebook: @thenomadicmonk


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Leo Gallegos
Leo Gallegos

Leo Gallegos is the founder of Libertas, a Christian apparel brand and content resource for men. After almost a decade in financial services and a short time in higher education at The Catholic University of America, Leo felt God was inviting him to share his love for the beauty and richness of the Faith though Libertas. Leo and his wonderful wife Liz have two young boys and another on the way! They are a military family and currently reside in the Virginia Beach area. Leo is an endurance enthusiast, recently completing two ultra-marathons and is training for his first 100 miler in November. Leo looks forward to sharing more on culture and faith, and how being outdoors, running and hiking, can be great avenues to growth both personally and spiritually. You can read more about Leo, view Libertas' content and shop at libertasalive.com. Follow Libertas and Leo on Instagram @libertas_alive and @catholic.running.guy.

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